Garden Wildlife

 From the start of 2017 Barbara and I have had a bird nesting box, fitted with a camera. It inspired me to also get a trail camera to capture feeding activity at our feeding station. I subsequently trained an IP security camera on the exterior of the nest box to capture the moment the chicks fledged. Then I turned the trail camera onto our bird bath.
 For 2018 we have a 4 Mp IP camera fitted to the original nest box and the Trail camera is back on the feeding station. There is a 4Mp IP camera keeping an eye on our bird bath.
 We have several nest boxes in our garden, one is too remote from power or the network, but has Blue Tits nesting in it, ever year for the last twelve years, our new open fronted box has had interest from Blue Tits but not from Robins etc that it was intended for and remains empty this season.


 Since I started recording the activity in our garden, there were 26 different species captured on film in 2017, this does not include cats!
 New for 2018 I captured Brambling visiting our feeding station, I also saw a Firecrest feeding but it didn't trigger the camera so you'll have to take my word for it.

Blackbird Blue Tit
Bullfinch   Chaffinch
  Coal Tit    Collared Dove 
Dunnock Goldfinch
  Great Spotted Woodpecker  Great Tit
Greenfinch    Grey Squirrel 
House Sparrow Jackdaw
Jay Long Tailed Tit
Nuthatch Robin
Rook Siskin
Spotted Flycatcher Song Thrush
Starling Swallow
Wood Pigeon Wren